You’re a risk taker, saver

Risky Ricky
Primary Personality



Just like Ricky, your child’s primary Money Personality is Risk-Taker! Risk-Takers love new ideas! You may notice your child constantly brainstorming about what they can do next. This may come across as being easily distracted, but it’s just their Risk-Taker side seeking the next adventure! They make decisions quickly and don’t factor in the cost or possibility of failure. They just GO FOR IT!

Ricky is a daredevil in the making! His dream is to be Hollywood’s next great stuntman, like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. He loves taking risks and making daring feats. Whenever he gets money, he likes to spend it on what looks like the fastest and fanciest racing bikes, regardless of their quality. Sometimes his purchases work out….and sometimes they don’t. Ricky always tries again but he’s tired of not seeing a return of his money. To make sure Ricky chooses his next bike wisely, his big sister is going to help him do some research on the ones that catch his eye so he can make a wiser decision.

Penny Saver

Secondary Personality


Your child’s secondary Money Personality is Saver! Savers tend to focus on their goals and don’t let fleeting desires get in their way. You may have noticed that when your child wants something – be it a toy, game, treat, or achievement – they plan to make it happen! This usually means saving up allowance or gift money to buy the toy they really want, training hard to make the soccer team, or studying hard for good grades. Savers really understand the steps it takes to reach their goals.

Penny is an artist. She loves spending her days painting and sculpting away in her studio.

She dreams of opening her own gallery one day and works hard to save up for it, putting all of her money straight into her piggy bank. However, this can cut into her art supplies fund. This means that when Penny needs more paints or clay, she goes without in order to not spend any of her money.

There isn’t anything wrong with Penny – that’s just part of who she is! In order to help her get her supplies, Penny’s dad is helping her to find the best sales and discounts whenever she needs something new!



A Friendship is born…

Ricky is a very confident kid who makes brave and bold choices all the time. He is always down to take a risk even when it comes to money. Since Ricky leaps into many things, he often makes purchases without looking into if they would be a good use of his money or not. Ricky’s friend, Penny Saver, is the opposite of him with her money habits. She enjoys methodically researching where her money goes, and saving as much as she can. Penny wanted to help Ricky out by teaching him a new plan to save his money better. They get together and decide to share their money tips with one another. Penny shows Ricky how to give his purchases some extra thought and research before he buys something new. Ricky took Penny’s advice and ended up getting a great deal on a new bike part. Now, he has a piggy bank full of money from all the savings he’s made! Penny has also found that Risky Ricky’s money methods have taught her that it’s okay to step out of her comfort zone and make purchases without having to heavily research all the time. After their conversation, she bought a new brand of paint brushes that she never had before and ended up loving them!

Help grow your child’s financial brain

  • 1Sit down with your child and talk to them about wants and needs. Explain that needs are the priority and their wants can be saved for!
  • 2Give your kids an allowance of some sort! It will help them grasp how to save, spend, and share their money.
  • 3Allow them freedom with their money, but do give them some tips. We want to let them have their own money personality and not feel bad about it, but learning aspects of other types will help later on in life.