You’re a security seeker, saver

Security Steve
Primary Personality



Just like Steve, your child’s primary Money Personality is Security-Seeker! Security-Seekers like to be prepared. They hold onto their money until they’re absolutely sure they know what they want to do with it. As a kid, this might mean looking at all the toys or candy in the store before making a decision. Or maybe they check out the reviews on a new game before they buy it. Regardless, your child is all about safety with their money. 

Steve is a very cautious person. He likes a lot of security in his life, like knowing that his mom will always be there to pick him up from school and that his night light will keep him safe from monsters under his bed. This isn’t to say that Steve doesn’t like to have fun! He loves video games and racing bikes with his best friend Risky Ricky. But before he buys a game or bike, he always has to read the reviews to see if it’s worth paying for. He loves always having a plan in place. But unfortunately, this means he often misses out on lots of fun opportunities his friends invite him to. He’ll miss out on bowling and going out for ice cream because he’s scared he’ll spend too much money. Steve’s mom is helping him to not be scared by creating a budget for spending on fun things so that he can stop missing out!

Penny Saver

Secondary Personality


Your child’s secondary Money Personality is Saver! Savers tend to focus on their goals and don’t let fleeting desires get in their way. You may have noticed that when your child wants something – be it a toy, game, treat, or achievement – they plan to make it happen! This usually means saving up allowance or gift money to buy the toy they really want, training hard to make the soccer team, or studying hard for good grades. Savers really understand the steps it takes to reach their goals.

Penny is an artist. She loves spending her days painting and sculpting away in her studio.

She dreams of opening her own gallery one day and works hard to save up for it, putting all of her money straight into her piggy bank. However, this can cut into her art supplies fund. This means that when Penny needs more paints or clay, she goes without in order to not spend any of her money.

There isn’t anything wrong with Penny – that’s just part of who she is! In order to help her get her supplies, Penny’s dad is helping her to find the best sales and discounts whenever she needs something new!



A Friendship is born…

Steve is a cop and a natural protector for his family and his money. Steve feels secure when he knows that he has a plan for things ahead of time. Making financial plans helps him to have peace of mind for his future. Steve enjoys having his friend, Penny Saver, over since she is really good at saving up her money just like him. Steve and Penny get along great since they have relatable money personalities. There is little to no impulsive decisions when it comes to spending their allowances. They often plan their hangouts in advance so they can be sure to have the money. Penny and Steve have a great friendship with one another due to their like-minded-ness when it comes to planning and spending their money.

Help grow your child’s financial brain

  • 1Sit down with your child and talk to them about wants and needs. Explain that needs are the priority and their wants can be saved for!
  • 2Give your kids an allowance of some sort! It will help them grasp how to save, spend, and share their money.
  • 3Allow them freedom with their money, but do give them some tips. We want to let them have their own money personality and not feel bad about it, but learning aspects of other types will help later on in life.