Security Steve

Meet Security Steve

Steve is a very cautious individual. He likes a lot of security in his life, for example; knowing that his mom will always be there to pick him up from school and that his night light will keep him safe from monsters under his bed.

This isn’t to say that Steve doesn’t like to have fun! He loves video games and racing bikes with his best friend Risky Ricky. But before he buys a game or bike, he always has to read the reviews to see if it’s worth paying for.

He loves always having a plan in place. Unfortunately, this means he often misses out on lots of fun opportunities that his friends invite him to. He’ll miss out on bowling and going out for ice cream because he’s scared he’ll spend too much money. Steve’s mom is helping him to not be scared by creating a budget just for spending on fun things so that he can stop missing out!

Help grow your child’s financial brain

  • 1Sit down with your child and talk to them about their wants and needs. Explain that needs are the priority and their wants can be saved for!
  • 2Give your kids an allowance. It will help them grasp how to save, spend, and share their money.
  • 3Allow them freedom with their money, but do give them some tips. We want to let them have their own money personality and not feel bad about it, but learning aspects of other types will help later on in life.


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